Providing our customers with a competitive edge is what makes it so important for us to design and construct hospitality and retail spaces that are innovative, practical and stylish. We excel in applying our own bespoke designs and original customisations to meet your project needs.

In the hospitality sector we create flexible spaces for customers, whilst ensuring functional back of house specifications. Our retail spaces are driven by market demand and sustainability.

Working with a local catering company a restaurant fitout was completed successfully. The project was completed in a functioning hotel complex which required consideration of people’s movements, particularly with regard to noise levels. Liaison with the hotel and reception was essential and coordination of delivery times and core construction was usually completed after check-out time.

This project is one example of how we applied our creativity to a project resulting in a unique dining space. The final product was a contemporary restaurant including smart lighting, fixtures, fittings and a well-equipped kitchen.



Design and construct of The Meat House restaurant

Working with various subcontractors and suppliers, our team delivered a modern, well planned,...

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