Through our efficient planning we have completed numerous remote construction projects that have resulted in providing more culturally appropriate community facilities to remote locations.

The projects have directly engaged local Indigenous workers and provided employment to the relevant communities. In some cases it involved upskilling the workers which was provided by our competent construction team. Cultural awareness is at the forefront of each project and we ensure our team are culturally competent before going on site. This contributes to the success of these projects.

Construction is not always conventional in Northern Australia where we are required to consider logistical and access issues. Construction must coincide with the dry season, and in some cases air-freight is required to transport materials. We ensure all sites remain secure during the construction phase.

The Yarralin police station was designed and created as an essential community facility to meet the needs of police and community members. The facility has brought an additional police presence to the Yarralin community and surrounds.

A secure and culturally appropriate Women’s Health Clinic and Safe House was built to specifications in consultation with government and community stakeholders.



Yarralin Police Station

We understand the unique remote environment that exists in Northern Australia and are conscious of...

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