The QUEST Hotel located in Berrimah was completed in 2014. The hotel features 88 apartment style suites including studio, one and two bedroom apartments each with a balcony. The hotel also contains a gym, swimming pool and basement parking.

Design considerations

The hotel design was put forward by QUEST and we engaged constantly with QUEST to refine the designs to suit the local environment. The hotel is in a flight path resulting in additional acoustic requirements and height considerations during the design process.

Construction challenges and achievements
The construction of the hotel commenced with demolishing the old site and removing asbestos. Due to a high water table the basement had to be redesigned during construction to improve drainage and accommodate under-ground pumps, this was one of the main challenges. A new substation was built across the road to address the complexities of power supply.

Safety as a priority

Site safety and the safety of those in the vicinity of the construction site were a priority. The hotel was built near a main intersection and traffic management was required. Liaising with occupants of neighbouring blocks was also of high importance.

The final product resulted in a contemporary apartment style hotel suitable for short or long-stays, featuring landscaped zones and a rooftop garden.