Winner Master Builders Association Excellence in Building Construction Award, 2011
First permanent police station in the region

We understand the unique remote environment that exists in Northern Australia and are conscious of the challenges this brings with it. Through our efficient planning we completed the remote building works at Yarralin in 2011, this resulted in providing an essential community facility.

Whilst working in remote locations there are many challenges which are not conventional in construction in the cities. There was strict consideration to logistical and access issues which had to coincide with dry season, and in some cases air-freight and barging for transport of materials was required. We ensured that there was sufficient labour resources and accommodation at all times and that the site remained secure during the whole construction phase.

The police station was built through consultation with local community members and experienced law enforcement personnel. It was important to factor in the cultural considerations of the community and to be culturally sensitive in this remote location. Our team were trained to be understanding of the community’s needs and to conduct their work in a culturally sensitive manner.

The Yarralin police station was designed and created as an essential community facility to meet the needs of police and community members. The facility has brought a much needed additional police presence to the Yarralin community and surrounds including Pigeonhole, Lingarra, Kalumbulani and Yinguwunarri homeland centres. This is the first permanent police station in this community which will assist to provide a rapid policing response to the local community.

The police station includes support facilities including police accommodation, a temporary courtroom option and custodial facilities. There is also space for visiting agencies, such as child protection and family support services.

In 2011, in the category of Remote Construction, PTM Group was the winner of the Master Builders Association Excellence in Building Construction Award.