PTM Group support Greek Community

The Greek Orthodox Community Hall was recently re-opened following a revitalisation by principal contractors PTM Group.

PTM Group did not hesitate to proceed when they were approached to accept this tender. They recognised the value this opportunity provided, allowing them to partner with the Greek Community and give back to the Community as a whole.

Through generous contributions from suppliers and contractors, PTM Group were able to increase the scope of works beyond the allocated budget.

PTM Group were pleased to donate to the Greek Community to achieve an end product with functional space and purpose that will benefit the Community for years to come.

Now fully restored, this modern premise provides a location where representatives of the Greek Community of North Australia can conduct essential community work and meetings. The Hall is a place where the Community can enjoy hosting functions that allows the entire Community to come together.

“The Greek Orthodox Community in North Australia is extremely grateful for the work undertaken by PTM Group. The Greek Community Hall, located in Darwin, has been revived and renewed thanks to PTM Group going above and beyond their scope of works. The Greek Community Hall will be enjoyed by many generations over many years to come as a result of their outstanding work and dedication to this project.”

Nicholas Poniris, President, Greek Orthodox Community of North Australia Inc.

For further detail on construction of the Greek Orthodox Community Hall please view the Case Study.