The Directors of PTM Group are committed to the health and safety of all employees, subcontractors and visitors. Our primary objective is achieving and maintaining an injury free workforce.

This commitment will extend to the establishment of the following measurable objectives and targets.

  • Conduct inductions for all personnel entering our sites
  • Keep workers informed on OH&S matters through regular Toolbox meetings
  • Reduce the level of risk to workers through regular inspections and reviews

This will ensure continued improvements aimed at elimination of work-related injury and illness with a concentrated focus on PTM Group site specific hazards.

PTM Group acknowledges the importance of participation of all people in the implementation of this policy and promotes the input from PTM Group employees and subcontractors.

To demonstrate our commitment to safety we will provide sound leadership and management, will constantly work at improving our safety performance, recognising the positive contribution from all employees and comply with relevant OHS legislation and other requirements placed upon us or to which we subscribe.

PTM Group expects individuals to be responsible for:

  • Working in a safe manner to eliminate hazards and reduce risk
  • Reporting hazards, accidents and near misses
  • The use of protective clothing and equipment as required
  • Maintaining good housekeeping
  • Using only safe plant, machinery, vehicles and report any faults
  • Assisting, where required, with the rehabilitation of an injured or ill employee

Safety is the responsibility of all.




PTM Group is committed to industry best practice by ensuring all activities that impact on the environment are managed in a proactive and environmentally responsible manner.

To achieve this PTM will:

  • Manage our obligations through the requirements of ISO 14001
  • Identify our legislative and regulatory obligations
  • Communicate with our stakeholders regarding our environmental obligations to enhance our environmental performance
  • Develop cooperation with stakeholders in waste management strategies to effectively manage waste in a pro-active and responsible manner using the principles of source reduction, recycling and responsible disposal
  • Avoid disturbance to known or identified sites of cultural, historical or scientific significance
  • Ensure that any hazardous waste materials is disposed of in the correct manner




PTM specialises in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial applications.
PTM’s objective is to provide excellence in quality and surpass industry standards, whilst maintaining a prominent position in the building industry.

In order to ensure quality of service we aim for the following:

  • To consistently offer a reliable and competitive service
  • To consistently offer value for money outcomes to our clients
  • To consistently ensure client outcomes are achieved on or before time
  • To comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements

We aim to continuously improve our operations in order to offer the highest possible quality outcomes to our clients.

PTM is committed to providing a quality service at all times by:

  • The creation, implementation and continuous monitoring of a quality management plan
  • Carrying out regular inspections to identify and immediately rectify any quality control breach
  • Ensuring only suitably qualified contractors are engaged
  • Keeping accurate records of completed reports and risk assessments
  • Inducting and continuously train staff to develop their skill and awareness of the need to work safely and with courtesy towards the public at all times

This is achieved through constant review of our suppliers, products and work practises. All personnel are encouraged to offer suggestions and improvements to policies and procedures to achieve this.

This policy is appropriate for PTM and provides the framework on which PTM can build continual improvement.